Wednesday, 7 December 2016

5 Most Alluring Jobs That Hotel Management Institutes in Kolkata Offer

Hospitality is the most cordial term that is the base of the most industries in Kolkata as well as India. People, rather students prone into this sector and try their luck here. Some come to shine their future with a good preparation, though most come to try their luck. And the most wonderful factor of the hotel management course that is a vital part of the term hospitality never disappoints the candidates.

No matter the candidates are well prepared or not, if he/she is dedicated will get a suitable job and right placement according to the merit.

In which sectors a hotel management student from Kolkata can apply for?

Among the numbers of quarries, one vital quarry of the state is if the students who come out from the best and reputed hotel management institute in Kolkata can get the right place? And the very first step to let them know the answer is to share the information about the sector and different job profile that one obtains after passes out.

1. Area Restaurant Manager  
Hotel Management Career: Restaurant Manager
Restaurant Manager 
An area restaurant manager works as the coordinator of the chief manager of a restaurant. He is the chief executive officers who are responsible for all kind of facilities that the guests get in their lunch, dinner and some special occasion or game shows, exhibitions etc. For fast food restaurant the starting salary on the post approx 50,000,00INR per annum. On the other hand, an area restaurant manager of a 5 star hotel will get 10,000,000INR per annum.

2. Property manager  
The role of a property manager is to compare the corresponding properties and value. He counts the taxes and depreciation rates. It is his responsibility to make the attractive advisement and marketing solutions. He has to put his full effort to maintain the statistics. He has to be a gift of gab as he has to take the part of collect and deposit. The approx salary of a property manager is around 68, 000, 00 INR per annum.

3. Travel manager 
A travel manager is one who works with many organisations and the chief job is to sell different travel products and tickets. He is directly involved in managing and finance system of those travel agencies. A travel manager can earn approx 55,000,00 INR while he is in the professional field and also can earn 6500000 INR in he is handling the various responsibility.

4. Director food and beverage 
Hotel Management Career: Food and beverage Director
Food and beverage Director
The person with high personality and a good knowledge of kitchen, food and customers will get the post. Most people worries of dealing with public due to lack of self-confidence. But believe me, once you choose one of the Best Hotel Management Institutes in West Bengal the faculty prepare you as per the post and will help you grow the confidence. The average earning of the job is 53,000,00 INR to 61,000,00 INR per annum. 

5. Chef 
Hotel Management Institute: Career

There are different levels of a chef job. There are managing chef, regional chef etc. A regional chef is the one who is responsible for the long run restaurants. There are a vast field of a chef job like maintaining the fooding system according to the guests, maintain the satisfactory and hygiene level of the customers. The average annual income of a regional chef is 6600000 INR to 88600000 INR.

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